Operation Portfolios

Operation Portfolios Model

Purchase and sale orders. As our stock exchange operation is based on the change of values ​​in the portfolios with some frequency, the costs of buying and selling shares must be taken into account, for which we must operate with a broker with very low commissions, such as: https://www.degiro.com

Composition of Model Portfolios. Different configurations of Model Portfolios are presented so that they can be adapted to personal investment characteristics.

When the Stock Market falls. Model Portfolios can be covered by selling Futures, in the proportion indicated in each Model Portfolio or positioning in Fixed Income or Metals, depending on the market situation. Therefore, the value of the Personal Portfolio must be a multiple of a Future, in order to be able to hedge with one or more Futures.

Follow-up of Model Portfolios. Changes in values ​​and coverage in Model Portfolios are presented on the web and notifications are sent by email and SMS, depending on subscription.

Modifications of composition in the Portfolios. Notifications will be made during the trading day. We recommend making changes to portfolio composition in less than 30 minutes.

Modifications of coverage in the Portfolios. Notifications could be sent from one hour before the opening of the European stock exchanges until 15 minutes after the closing of the New York Stock Exchange. We recommend performing the portfolio hedging operations in less than 5 minutes.

Notifications communication by EMAIL

Notifications can be activated / deactivated in the "Notifications" menu.

The user must verify that the Notifications by EMAIL correspond to the website to be sure of the proper functioning of the communication by EMAIL.

To receive the Operations Notifications, it is necessary to install an email application on the mobile phone and adjust it to receive the Notifications quickly, example:

K-9 Mail: Check emails every minute on the email server.

  • Email account configuration in the computer

    • Disable mail checking interval

    • Download mail manually

  • Install: K-9 Mail

  • K-9 Mail configuration

    • Account settings

      • Mail checking ·Check frequency [Every minute] ·When deleting a message [Delete from server]

      • Notifications ·Notify new messages [x] ·Vibrate when mail arrives [x]

    • Global setting
      • Net
        ·Synchronize in the background [Always]
  • Android System Settings ·Battery
    ·Smart battery disabled ·Battery optimization ·K-9 Mail ·Do not optimize

Notifications communication by SMS

To receive SMS Notifications, a mobile phone must be authenticated in the "Notifications" menu.

SMS Notifications can be activated / deactivated in the "Notifications" menu.

The reception of the SMS on the mobile will normally take place in a few seconds. All our SMS are of the highest quality. We do not use low-cost routes or lower quality services, but in unfavorable circumstances of mobile telephony, SMS can be delivered with significant delays.

The user must verify that the SMS Notifications correspond to the website to be sure of the proper functioning of the SMS communication.

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