Model Portfolios for investment in Stock Exchange

We are an Information Service for Investment in the Stock Market, which can serve as an orientation for your investments.

The subscription gives you access to several Model Portfolios.


Guarantee liquidity so that at any time you can dispose of your investment.

Improve the yield market average in the bullish periods.

Avoid losses on your investment in the bear markets.

We do not manage your funds

Our service is exclusively informative of the changes in the Model Portfolios.

It is the user who performs his operations.

We do not have any information about your assets and we do not carry out any personalized advice.


The client must analyze their risks. If you invest in shares there is the possibility of losing all the capital invested. In the case of investment in Futures, there is the possibility of losing capital that is much higher than the investment.

Investment strategy

We follow a medium-term Absolute Return strategy with low volatility.

We pursue a positive return in the medium term, with a horizon of 12 months.

Model Portfolio Strategy

The Result of the Model Portfolios is obtained with the following criteria:

  • The stocks with the highest capitalization and lowest volatility of the stock exchanges are selected.

  • Changes are made in the composition taking into account the momentum in the purchase and sale of the securities to obtain the highest possible upside potential.

  • When the Exchange goes down the Portfolios are hedged by selling Futures of the corresponding index, thus minimizing the losses.

  • Continuous monitoring of the evolution of the markets, to react quickly.

Operation of the Model Portfolios

Portfolios Model of Coverage. When the stock market goes down, an attempt is made to minimize the losses, by selling Futures of the corresponding index, by an amount equal to the value of the portfolio.

Diversification. To reduce the risk of erratic behavior of a security, the investment is divided into packages of 5, 10 or 20 stocks (depending on the portfolio you decide to follow).

Calculation of the Performance of the Portfolios. To perform the calculation of the performance of the Portfolios, you must take as a whole the Performance of the shares and the Performance of the Futures.

Gross Performance of the Portfolios. The Gross Performance of the Portfolios is the Performance minus the operating and maintenance expenses. These expenses are a function of the broker and the volume of the given purchase order.

Net Performance of the Portfolios. The Net Performance of the Portfolios is the Gross Return minus the taxes. These expenses are personal of each operator depending on the legal form in which they have the patrimony: Sicav, Society or Individual.

Performance of the Model Portfolios. The Performance indicated in the Model Portfolios is the Gross Result discounting an intermediate operating expenses, and indicates previous yields without suggesting, in any case, future yields.

The website assumes no responsibility or any commitment whatsoever on future returns. All trading transactions and the results obtained in them (losses or gains) are personal decisions of each investor, who acts at his own risk and fortune.

Currency Coverage

If you have dollar assets as an account or securities on the New York Stock Exchange and you want to keep the value of the portfolio in another currency, the following situations may occur:

  • Maintenance of dollar value. It's the easiest solution: you have your wallet in dollars, and you just have to focus on getting performance out of your wallet.

  • Maintenance of value in euros. You have your wallet in dollars, and you want to always keep the constant value in euros. This is achieved by buying euro futures for an amount equal to the value of the dollar portfolio, in order to maintain the value in euros.

  • Maintenance of value in euro-dollars. Portfolio on the New York Stock Exchange and the average value in euro-dollars is obtained by buying euro futures for an amount equal to 50% of the value of the portfolio in dollars.

Operation mode

Select a bank or broker that allows you to operate on the Internet.

The operating expenses and expenses of deposit of shares, must be the lowest possible so as not to affect the result.

The liquidation when selling and buying must be instantaneous, in order to be able to do operations at the same time of sale and purchase and thus rotate the portfolio quickly.

The Broker must have the possibility to trade with all the shares that are part of the SP500 and SPE350 Index and with the Futures of the DOW, SP500, DAX, EUROSTOXX y EUR/USD.

Operate always with Limited Orders and with an adjusted margin of + 0.05% in purchases and -0.05% in sales, both in stocks and futures. Cancel and repeat the order if in a short space of time the operation is not performed.

Secure internet operation for broker and bank operations

To operate in banks and brokers with security we must use advanced security equipment, such as a Chromebook. With exclusive dedication to operate, without using it for any other application, this reduces the risk of having a virus in the system. It is recommended to use a computer from a manufacturer that updates the operating system on a regular basis.

The internet connection must be with cable, private Wi-Fi or LTE. We must avoid public Wi-Fi networks, as they may not be secure and capture passwords.

Operation tracking

Communication of Notifications on the web

Communication of Notifications on the web is the most reliable communication to follow las Model Portfolios.

The user must verify that the browser used refreshes the information continuously, in case it does not automatically refresh the browser, it is necessary to do it manually frequently.

It requires continuous monitoring of the website from one hour before the opening of the European Stock Exchanges until the close of the New York Stock Exchange.

Notifications communication by EMAIL

Notifications can be activated / deactivated in the "Notifications" menu.

The user must verify that the Notifications by EMAIL correspond to the website to be sure of the proper functioning of the communication by EMAIL.

To receive the Operations Notifications, it is necessary to install an email application on the mobile phone and adjust it to receive the Notifications quickly, examples:

  • AquaMail: Push-email sending from the email server.

    • Install: AquaMail + AquaMail Pro Key

    • AquaMail settings

      • Mail, receiving · Push Mail Enable [x]

      • Manage notifications [x] · Show notifications [x] · What to do [Emit sound] · Sound [Default notification sound] · Vibrate [x] · On the lock screen [Show notification content] · Show notification bubble [x]

  • K-9 Mail: Check emails every minute on the email server.

    • Install: K-9 Mail

    • K-9 Mail configuration

      • Account settings

        • Mail check · Check frequency [Every minute] · When deleting a message [Delete from server]

        • Notifications · Notify new messages [x] · Vibrate when mail arrives [x]

      • Global setting
        • Net · Synchronize in the background [Always]
    • Android System Settings ·Drums · Battery optimization K-9 Mail · Do not optimize

Notifications communication by SMS

To receive SMS Notifications, a mobile phone must be authenticated in the "Notifications" menu.

SMS Notifications can be activated / deactivated in the "Notifications" menu.

The reception of the SMS on the mobile will normally take place in a few seconds. All our SMS are of the highest quality. We do not use low-cost routes or lower quality services, but in unfavorable circumstances of mobile telephony, SMS can be delivered with significant delays.

The user must verify that the SMS Notifications correspond to the website to be sure of the proper functioning of the SMS communication.

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